Medical Boarding for Cats Explained
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In this article, we will discuss what medical boarding for cats entails and what you can expect when boarding your feline friend for medical reasons. Medical boarding can be a stressful time for both you and your cat, but knowing what to expect can help alleviate some of the anxiety. From accommodations to care, we will cover all the important aspects of medical boarding for cats.

What is Medical Boarding for Cats?

Medical boarding for cats is a service provided by veterinary clinics or animal hospitals for cats that require monitoring, treatment, or care beyond what can be provided at home. Cats may be placed in medical boarding for various reasons, such as post-operative recovery, medical treatment for a chronic condition, or observation for a health concern.

While in medical boarding, cats receive round-the-clock care from trained veterinary staff. They are monitored closely, given any necessary medications, and provided with a comfortable environment to aid in their recovery.

What Are the Accommodations Like?

The accommodations for cats in medical boarding vary depending on the facility. Most veterinary clinics or animal hospitals provide separate areas for medical boarding patients to prevent the spread of contagious diseases and to ensure a quiet and stress-free environment for recovery. Cats are typically housed in individual cages or kennels with clean bedding, food, and water.

Some facilities may also offer additional amenities such as playtime, grooming services, or special diets tailored to the cat’s specific needs. It is important to inquire about the accommodations and services offered by the facility before boarding your cat.

What Kind of Care Will My Cat Receive?

While in medical boarding, your cat will receive personalized care based on their individual medical needs. This may include administering medications, monitoring vital signs, providing wound care, or assisting with mobility if needed. Veterinary staff will keep a close eye on your cat’s progress and communicate any changes or concerns with you.

In addition to medical care, cats in medical boarding will receive regular meals, clean bedding, and appropriate environmental enrichment to promote their well-being and comfort during their stay.

How Can I Stay Connected with My Cat?

Many facilities that offer medical boarding for cats understand the importance of staying connected with your pet while they are away. Some may offer options such as video calls, photo updates, or visitation hours to keep you informed and reassured about your cat’s well-being.

It is essential to discuss your preferences for communication and visitation with the facility before boarding your cat. This can help you stay connected with your furry friend and ease any separation anxiety for both you and your cat.

What Should I Expect When I Pick Up My Cat?

When picking up your cat from medical boarding, you can expect to receive a detailed summary of their stay, including information on their medical treatments, progress, and any recommendations for at-home care. Veterinary staff may also provide guidance on medications, follow-up appointments, or any lingering concerns.

Your cat will be discharged in good health and ready to return home with you. It is essential to follow any instructions provided by the veterinary staff to ensure a smooth transition back to your daily routine and continued recovery for your cat.

Will My Cat Be Stressed in Medical Boarding?

It is normal for cats to experience some level of stress when placed in a new environment, especially if they are undergoing medical treatment or recovering from surgery. However, veterinary staff are trained to provide compassionate care and support to alleviate stress and anxiety in cats during their stay in medical boarding.

By choosing a reputable facility with experienced staff, you can help minimize stress for your cat and ensure they receive the care and attention they need to recover successfully.


Medical boarding for cats can be a necessary and beneficial option for cats requiring specialized care or treatment. By understanding what to expect, you can make informed decisions about boarding your cat and ensure they receive the best possible care during their stay.

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Can I Bring My Cat’s Toys or Bedding to Medical Boarding?

Most facilities allow you to bring your cat’s favorite toys, blankets, or bedding to provide them with comfort and familiarity during their stay in medical boarding.

How Often Will My Cat Be Checked on in Medical Boarding?

Cats in medical boarding are typically checked on regularly throughout the day and night to monitor their well-being, administer medications, and provide any necessary care.

Can I Visit My Cat While They Are in Medical Boarding?

Some facilities may offer visitation hours for pet owners to visit their cat in medical boarding. It is essential to inquire about visiting policies and restrictions before planning a visit.

What Happens If My Cat’s Condition Worsens in Medical Boarding?

If your cat’s condition worsens while in medical boarding, veterinary staff will promptly notify you and discuss treatment options to address any changes in your cat’s health status.

How Can I Prepare My Cat for Medical Boarding?

To prepare your cat for medical boarding, ensure they are up to date on vaccinations, provide any necessary medications or special instructions to the facility, and pack essentials such as food, treats, and grooming supplies for your cat’s stay.

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